Diversity Agenda

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Visible to coexist

We live in a society characterized by the coexistence of people from different cultural, social or ethnic backgrounds. The media are a fundamental reference, and often the only one in the creation of the collective imagination of the processes of immigration and social interaction, and all too often the media refer to content linking diversity with conflict, violence or crime. At the same time, they use a (re)presentation of the immigration and the ethnic minorities as mere passive objects of information, without any voice. The Diversity Agenda really wants to make visible this reality promoting the minorities’ voices and to make them feel represented as part of the media and the society itself, ie, promoting the participation in the society and the media of people and different groups.

Work in positive

Image contact This agenda is a tool that wants, among other things, to provide prompt access of journalists to people linked to migration processes and become aware of the possibility of promoting their role as characters and sources of information valid to talk about the country of origin or the status of immigrants, but also accepting their possible involvement as expert sources and professionals in each of their areas of expertise in the social or the work filed. Thus, we believe that the participation of minorities in the media promotes a realistic and truthful point of view of our new society and facilitates the integration processes to promote the knowledge and recognition of each and every member of our society. With this tool, we also want to facilitate the access by those of ethnic minorities to the media professionals that are involved in this initiative. To sum up, we want this tool to have a two-way process.

Creating networks

Image searchThis directory is one of the many projects that seek to activate the role of the media in this process of recognition of the social diversity. The project will work when there will be normal dynamics with the presence of minorities in the media, beyond the mere exotic example. For all this to work, and we all have to meet the minimum requirements of rigor and respect. We hope that you will make this matter spread among those who may be interested in participating. Feel free to send any questions, comments or suggestions.

This initiative is carried out by Mugak and Xenomedia

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